ATRIUS – Enabling the Robotic Edge

Autonomous Systems will drive massive productivity gains across just about every industry.

There is an exploding current market for drone based situational intelligence of physical assets, facilities and infrastructure. Yet it currently cannot be addressed.

Over the past 5 years, small commercially abundant drones have proven invaluable for monitoring and inspecting trillions of dollars of assets and perimeter surveillance for construction, energy, agriculture, public safety, disaster response, communications, defense, homeland security, and transportation industries. These drones do what was previously too costly, too dangerous or even impossible. Advances in cameras/sensors, flight automation and precision navigation have enabled these devices to gather near ground geospatial data with speed, precision, and high resolution.

Focused on Scaling Autonomous Systems within Smart Cities

Autonomous Systems will transform industry, but will require key infrastructure to attain impact.

Enterprise Team

The core team of ATRIUS Industries has decades of experience building innovative companies that drive automation, increase productivity and leverage technology to drive transformational impact. The team have each created multiple successful software and solution companies addressing critical needs of the enterprise.

Prior to ATRIUS, in 2015, our founding team members raised $15M to create Hangar Technology ( At Hangar the team developed a software system to support professional drone pilots with automated system mission planning/management, data processing and presentation dashboards. The software has been used by over 100,000 pilots in 195 countries and performed over 600,000 autonomously assisted missions. The platform proved the value of 4D Visual Intelligence for multiple industries and stakeholders.

Jeffrey DeCoux
Jeffrey DeCouxCEO & Founder
30 years of Technology startup executive experience. Hangar Technologies, Deceon, eCustomers, SMARTNAP, SMART Technologies.
Richard Primeaux
Richard PrimeauxChief Product Officer
Chief Product Officer: 30 years of Technology startup executive experience. Hangar, Clear Cube, Virtual Geomatics, eCustomers, Smart.
Lloyd Walker
Lloyd WalkerChief of Staff
Chief of Staff: 35 years executive experience in innovation and startups. Newell, Precurve, Pluck, Vabric, Human Code, NASA, Honda.
Jeff Michalski
Jeff MichalskiChief Technology Officer
Engineer and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of building teams, products, and successful ventures in high technology industries. Embedded Software, Systems Engineering, and Robotics.
Clark Senders
Clark SendersStrategic Advisor
30 years of experience in senior or C level roles in finance, marketing and operations. Compaq, Banderacom, NetEffect, Accend, Vorago, Pensa. MBA from Booth (Chicago) and BA Stanford.
Jim Colson
Jim ColsonChief Technical Fellow
Senior Technical Advisor: IBM Fellow. Watson, Robotics, iOT. IBM Fellow, vice president and worldwide CTO for the AI and ML infused Watson Customer Engagement portfolio.
Brett Spicer
Brett SpicerGovernment Relations
30 years of Public Safety and Government Relations. Brett Spicer, is a Texas Master Peace Officer with more than thirty years of decorated police service in Maryland and Texas.
Grant Anthony
Grant AnthonySoftware Engineer
Full stack software engineer, skilled in front end development as well as mission critical GIS applications requiring real-time database integration.
Ethan Alexander
Ethan AlexanderI.D. Engineer
Designer and software engineer, skilled in all facets of defining hardware and software systems design.
Paul Workman
Paul WorkmanGovernment Relations
30 years of Public Safety and Government Relations. Paul serves as a member of the Committee on Natural Resources, the Committee on Business & Industry, the Energy Council.
Jimmy Treybig
Jimmy TreybigBoard Member
An icon entrepreneur and investor, Jimmy founded and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Tandem Computers from 1974 to 1996. Jimmy is a venture partner at New Enterprise Associates, served many Boards and has been mentor to countless other entrepreneurs.
Phil Kenul
Phil KenulIndustry Advisor
Today Kenul is Senior Vice President, Aviation and Operations at TriVector Services, Inc.; Chair, F38 UAS Committee ASTM International and is a retired NOAA Corps Rear Admiral who last served as the Director, NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations Centers.
Ted Miller
Ted MillerBoard Advisor
Mr. Miller is a lawyer and accountant by education. He is President of 4M Investments, LLC, an international private investment company, since 2001. He is also the founder, Chairman, and majority shareholder of Visual Intelligence, LP, a privately-held imaging technologies company since 2003, as well as Executive Chairman of 4M HR Logistics, LLC.
Mr. Miller was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE:CCI), a global wireless communications infrastructure company he founded in 1994, with a current enterprise value in excess of $70 billion.
Thayne Coffman
Thayne CoffmanAi & Machine Learning Expert
Thayne Coffman has built, led, and mentored successful teams across multiple domains in machine learning, data science, and software engineering. Domain expertise includes autonomous systems, computer vision, and machine learning. 20 winning DoD research efforts. Inventor on 6 issued patents and 25 publications.
Brian Vetter
Brian VetterEnterprise Software Expert
Brian Vetter is one of the most decorated technologists in the industry. He has Founded and lead many successful technology companies including Tivoli, IBM, Motive and Tandem. His in-depth expertise and technical aptitude has provided strategic and competitive advantage n every business.