ATRIUS – Enabling the Robotic Edge

Autonomous Systems will drive massive productivity gains across just about every industry.

The next Industrial Revolution is here. Industry 4.0 requires bridging of the digital and the physical. The convergence of 5G, IoT, and edge computing into smart infrastructure are widely seen as that bridge. No single industry has a business model capable of enabling such a large-scale convergence. Fueled by autonomy, ATRIUS Industries has the solution.

Focused on Scaling Intelligent and Autonomous Systems within Cities

Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure is among the highest priorities to stimulate economic expansion, job growth, national security and resilience. Nationwide, local governments are already struggling to permit disparate 5G communication systems. This network should be integrated as part of a single open and intelligent infrastructure. Edge computing, 5G wireless, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and an ultra-resilient electrical grid would combine to drive the largest infrastructure buildout in our nation’s history. The integration process is ready for a jump start to drive a trillion-dollar economic expansion. The first country to do this well, will not only capture the enormous economic benefit these integrated systems provide, but also lead the world in the development of future technologies these systems unlock. It is vital to our national competitiveness and security.